Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It was inevitable...

Here is a photo of me right before I have to be admitted into the hospital on Monday. I AM GINORMOUS!!! I am here for sure until Wednesday and on Wednesday they will determine my fate from there. My cervix just got too thin, anything below a 20 is considered the "red zone" and I measured at an 18 today. I guess the boluder I have been carrying around got a little too heavy! They also did an FFN test and I tested positive. FFN is some test that shows if some protein is present in your body that often shows up about 2 weeks prior to your body going into labor. I know I am full of scientific details, but what can I say? I sell chicken!!! :) I doesn't guarantee I will go into labor, it just helps determine the next course of action. I was given a steroid shot today and will get another one tomorrow. This will help develop the baby's lungs if they were to insist on coming here pretty soon!!! I am 30 weeks and 5 days today so we are doing pretty good considering the size of the litter! Obviously, the longer they hang with me the better!

I am doing OK, I had a feeling this was coming so I was mentally prepared. I just feel bad for my little Sammie, he was loving bed rest!!! All the nurses have been really nice though and I am loving room service!!!!

Will keep everyone updated, but it is just a sit and wait now. OH, I should add to make sure and get your flu shot!!! My pediatrician is insisting that I only allow visitors who have had their flu shot once the babies are here since they will be preemies!


Jen and Shelby


  1. Love your blog - why are you not following my blog? mcaloon.blogspot.com? Why do you hate me? :)

  2. Jen, Y'all are in my prayers! I get a flu shot every year so I promise I"ll have mine. I want to see those babies! :-) I'll keep up with the blog and I promise I'll visit soon (I have more diapers for you!)

  3. Sarah has been keeping me updated about how you are doing. I gotta say- I know you are miserable, but you look so cute in the picture. It's like you look little with this big ol baby belly right in front! I am thinking of you!