Monday, August 24, 2009

Crazy day, but all is well

Lots going on today! I was having little contractions all weekend so I called my doctor today. He figured they were Braxton Hicks, but did not want to chance it so he had me come in. They checked me all out and I passed all my tests! YAY! My cervix has shorted a little bit more, I am tinkering on the edge of "hospitalization", but happy to be home still. I am 3 days from 30 weeks so I am about to hit a HUGE milestone! I cannot wait to be in the "30's", I feel like I have been in the "20's" for a year! I just had this terrible feeling that my luck had run out and I would be sleeping at Medical City tonight, but we are all hanging in there! They also looked at the babies for awhile, so that was fun. They were very active and all looked great.

I am also battling the insurance company on the pump my high risk doctor perscribed at my last visit. They will not approve it for home use! I asked them which was cheaper, home pump or 3 babies in the NICU because I go into labor too early? They are fools. Anyway, my doctor gave me an oral med to take in the meantime so I am at least on something. I can't say I am sad about the pump due to my fear of needles, but I still want to do what is best for the TRIO!

That is it for now, I go back next Monday and will be keeping my bum on the couch until then!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby Doctor Day

Well, today I went to the doctor, it is always a treat getting out of the house! Anyway, everything is fine and staying stable, each baby is weighing about 3 lbs and growing right on track! If I have 9 lbs of baby, why have I gained 40??? UGH! The doctor did decide to have a pump put into my stomach so I can receive some medicine that will keep me from having contractions. I have not felt any, but it is more of a precaution. Some medical group is going to come in and "install" it. EWWWW. As this may not sound like a huge deal, for those of you that know how squeamish I am, knows this is a VERY big deal! Just his description of it made me a bit light headed. I know it is just a tiny needle, but still, IT IS A NEEDLE! I can't stand shots, getting blood drawn, heck I can't even HEAR about people's injuries without getting light headed. How am I supposed to carry this thing around when it is connected to my tummy. YUCK! Oh well, I guess anything to keep these babies in longer. This will be the one of MANY sacrifices that I am going to make over their lifetime! Tomorrow I am 29 weeks so I am getting closer. I will be so happy to get to 30 weeks, I feel like I have been in the 20's for a year!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Update and Bed Rest Buddy!

I am already behind on my blog and I don't even have the trio yet! Not a good sign! Anyway, I went to the doctor today, I have actually been twice since my last post! I am staying "stable" I guess. Things are still the same so bed rest still seems to be a successful treatment in my case. I have to admit my feet are starting to swell, oh no! I am really bummed about that, hoping it will magically go away. I am still a bit stir crazy, but got permission to go to the lake this upcoming weekend to get a change of scenery! YAY! Last weekend I also went to the pool twice to help get some relief from all this weight! The only thing that sucks is that when you get out of the pool, it feels TWICE as heavy, UGH! Thanks to everyone who has come by to visit and brought lunch or dinner! It is always great to have visitors, I feel more connected to the outside world!

I also have to give a shout out to my bed rest buddy, SAMMIE! He is the best bed rest companion and he takes it VERY seriously as you can see from the photo. He has been doing some serious resting to help motivate me to stay on track I guess? He is a great snuggler and it would be super lonely without him! Only problem seems to be he is now back to hating his crate. When we went to the doctor today he went crazy, before I went on bed rest he would actually walk into the crate on his own. UH OH!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Stir Crazy!

So I am getting a little stir crazy! I just try to remind myself that this is still better than being at the hospital! This week several people dropped by to visit, so that has been helpful. They have all been armed with goodies of some sort...Mexican food, cookies, ice cream or books and magazines! I am very thankful for the company, it definitely helps pass the time and helps keep me from going crazy! Of course my bed rest is timed with Shelby's busiest time at work! He gets home as soon as he can, but he has had to work all weekend and late every night. :( Mr. Sammie has been a great bed rest buddy though, he is taking this VERY seriously.

This week we took the plunge and got our "kid car"! No, we did not get a minivan, I am just not ready to take that plunge...we got a GMC Acadia! We love it! I decided our coolness factor is already going to take a big hit with these kiddos, taking the ultimate parent plunge into minivan land was too much for me! :) I am quite sure it is in our future at some point though!

Not much to report on the babies right now. They are moving like crazy, I can tell you that much! I go back to the doctor on Wednesday, so I will have an update then.

This week my goal is to add pics to my blog, I need to make it a little less boring???
Have a good week!