Friday, September 25, 2009


What a crazy couple days. We actually ended up checking into the hospital Wednesday night because we thought my water broke (well, somone's water anyway)! It turned out to be a false alarm, but they let me stay since I had to be back 8 hours later anyway. I think they also felt bad making me move again, I was VERY miserable at this point and was contracting regularly.

The next morning, September 24th, 2009 at our scheduled 9:30 am C-section our 3 little angels entered this world...very quickly I might say!

Baby "A" was born at 9:59 am.
This is Campbell Joseph, 5 lbs 7 oz, 18 inches

Baby "B" was born at 10:00 am.
This is Katherine Emma, 5 lbs 4 oz, 18 inches

Baby "C" was born at 10:00 am
This is Christian Michael, 4 lbs 9 oz, 16.5 inches

They were cleaned up very quickly, said hi to mom and dad then were whisked away to the NICU...without any immediate concerns I might add. After I was "put back together" and spent an hour in recovery they wheeled me into the NICU to check on them. They all needed some extent of breathing assistance at first, but were all taken off as of Friday! As of now they are all ONLY on feeding tubes while they are developing the strength and coordination to suckle. I spent the whole first day in and out of consciousness so I relied on Dad, Nana Jo and Papa to keep an eye on them and give me updates. I did not see them again until Friday afternoon, but came in at the right time...I was the first to be there when they were ready to be held! I just could not believe how big they were! I mean I really had 15 lbs and 4 oz of baby in my belly? Crazy!

I am still in more pain than I ever thought, but am making progress. We continue to check in on them as much as possible, but we are even limited on when we can see and hold them while in the NICU. They expect them to be home in about 2 weeks, but they are progressing even faster than they imagined! I can't really tell who they look like yet, hoping to figure that out soon.

I will update again soon and promise to post pics! I am having trouble with downloading pics right now...sorry!!! Internet is a little slow here. If you have Facebook, there are pics on there! Oh, here is a link my Dad sent, hope you can see this!

Jennifer and Shelby

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  1. Jennifer and Shelby, CONGRATS! We are just so thrilled for you all! The babies look wonderful, so big and healthy!!! We can't wait to meet the trio. Jenn, Brandon, Christian and Brock Barefoot