Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The latest news and my Top 10 list!

So today we set a C-section date! This Thursday....YAY! Our little Trio will be born on 9/24. We are both very excited, especially me. My body is saying, IT'S TIME! It is literally falling apart. In fact, I am wondering how I am going to make it to Thursday. This Thursday will be 34 weeks and the babies are all doing great. They will all weigh around 5 lbs (that's 15 lbs of baby folks!) and we cannot wait to meet them! Today the tech told us it looks like the girl (Katherine) has lots of hair! YAY! Bows, bows and more bows! We will definitely get everyone updates and photos as soon as we can. And yes, I promise to take a photo of my GI-NORMOUS belly right before going to the hospital.

I have been thinking about all the things I have missed doing over the last 34 weeks and especially the last 9 weeks while on bed rest. I decided to make the TOP 10 REASONS I CAN'T WAIT TO BE UN-PREGNANT!

10. I can't wait to be able to walk normal!
9. I am so looking forward to running/working out again.
8. Bending over! Any pregnant lady knows how hard this is!
7. NOT having to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes.
6. Not having to shower with my old lady shower seat.
5. Getting kicked! As this can be neat at times, the bigger they get the more it hurts. AND they LOVE to PARTY every night from about 1-3 am!
4. Margarita's!
3. Sleeping while actually lying down.
2. Sleeping in my own bed...I have been on the couch for MONTHS!
1. Getting my waistline back...eventually!

I am so just happy that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. We will be in touch!

Jennifer and Shelby


  1. YEA!! I can't wait to meet the babies!! I know that you are soooo excited!!

  2. Good luck Jen!!! C-sections are great. You get to skip all that labor stuff...I did both and I would choose that C-section any day!!! Give the babies lots of kisses from Kentucky and after they are born, we will send ya lots of Big Blue attire!!!