Monday, August 24, 2009

Crazy day, but all is well

Lots going on today! I was having little contractions all weekend so I called my doctor today. He figured they were Braxton Hicks, but did not want to chance it so he had me come in. They checked me all out and I passed all my tests! YAY! My cervix has shorted a little bit more, I am tinkering on the edge of "hospitalization", but happy to be home still. I am 3 days from 30 weeks so I am about to hit a HUGE milestone! I cannot wait to be in the "30's", I feel like I have been in the "20's" for a year! I just had this terrible feeling that my luck had run out and I would be sleeping at Medical City tonight, but we are all hanging in there! They also looked at the babies for awhile, so that was fun. They were very active and all looked great.

I am also battling the insurance company on the pump my high risk doctor perscribed at my last visit. They will not approve it for home use! I asked them which was cheaper, home pump or 3 babies in the NICU because I go into labor too early? They are fools. Anyway, my doctor gave me an oral med to take in the meantime so I am at least on something. I can't say I am sad about the pump due to my fear of needles, but I still want to do what is best for the TRIO!

That is it for now, I go back next Monday and will be keeping my bum on the couch until then!

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