Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Christian Michael


I'm Turtley Awesome!

First time in the snow...I LOVE IT!

Reading...he is brilliant!

Focused on exersaucing!

My little sweet pea!

Having a ball in the lounge chair!

Jumping in the Jumparoo!

Hangin' with his monkey in the hospital!

Getting Ready for Valentines' Day!

Look at my cool hat!

Having a ball in the exersaucer!

Hanging out in the Bumpo

Sleepy Christian

FINALLY! It has been awhile, I know...needless to say it is crazy around here!

Baby C, Lil C, about as precious as they come. He is the most laid back and even tempered of them all. He is a typical youngest child I think. As he has his moments, he is the most patient. Poor thing, because of his patience he is pretty much always the last to do, bathe, get changed....

Christian has this smile that can make even the worst day all right again! His entire face smiles, even his eyes have a glimmer! You can pretty much make him smile just by looking at him, he is a pretty happy baby. When he giggles out load it pretty much melts your heart! Poor little thing has been through so much in his short little life, I think he is going to be the toughest by far. Even when we go to the doctor for their shots, he cries the least by far! It's like he is telling the other two..."you think this is bad, you have NO idea!!!!!"
Hope everyone is well, we can't believe how fast this little trio is growing!
Jennifer and Shelby