Friday, March 12, 2010

Campbell Joseph

Going on a Safari...ok, well maybe just a walk!

We caught Campbell sucking his cute!

C in his Jumparoo, I just love the look on his face!

Standing like a big boy!

A typical Campbell smile

Another big grin from Big C.

I love this pic, he looks so sweet and peaceful!

Nappy time!

Snuggling with his lovey!

Uh oh, rolling downhill!

I've got out!

I just love it when he falls asleep in his jumparoo!

Watching Baby Einstein, obviously very amused!

Happy 2010, I just love my hat!

Trying out his high chair!

Yummy, green beans!

In his exersaucer, I just think his facial expression is hilarious. Are you about to sneeze buddy?

Trying out the bumpo, leaning a little to the right!

Trying to hold my own bottle!

Me and my blah blah

So my next focus will be Campbell!

Campbell is hilarious. He is constantly giving everyone these huge open mouth grins, you hardly even have to do anything to earn it! I think he is definitely the most dramatic one...he can go from smiling to screaming bloody murder in about .2 seconds. He does not wait calmly for a meal that is for sure. Sometimes you would swear we were starving him the way he carries on when waiting for a bottle! I started feeding them cereal and he screams every time I take the spoon out of this mouth....when I put a spoonful in he grins ear to ear. It is amazing how quickly and how often he can switch back and forth!

Campbell is a good sleeper too! We can now put him to bed awake and unswaddled! This is huge! Before we had to swaddle him tight and rock him to sleep. Now we lay him in the crib with his lovey and paci and he pretty much goes right to sleep. He may babble for a little bit, but within about 10 minutes he is laid out sound asleep until at least 8 am! It is so nice not to have to battle bedtime. If you have ever watched Super Nanny and see how bad the kids on there can be at bedtime, you can appreciate it when they go to bed like good little angels!

Campbell was the first born so I am interested to see if he acts like the oldest when he is older. Will he be the big brother that protects his little sis and bro? Who knows, it is going to be fun as their dynamics unfold.

They are definitely all checking each other out now. They stare at each other and smile and babble back and forth. So cute. Do they understand each other's baby babble? I swear they do, they make the same sounds and "words" so I think the secret language is already forming. :)

I think Campbell is going to be a good snuggler...he loves to be loved on, especially when he is tired. I have heard boys are much better at snuggling than girls...we will see!

Have a good weekend!

Jennifer & Shelby