Thursday, February 11, 2010

Katherine Emma

Sleepy Katherine

Wrapped up like a burrito!

In her Christmas Hat!

Pretty Plaid Dress!

Pretty Pink Dress!


Trying out the Jumparoo!

Wearing a skirt for the first time!

Trying out the Exersaucer, she looks so amused!

Pretty flower outfit!

Precious Angel

Can you tell I love putting her in cute outfits?

Checking out the Bumpo!
So I thought I would devote a blog to each baby, since I seem to have the most pictures of her I thought I would start with Katherine.

Katherine is our serious one. She is always looking around and studying everything around her. She definitely smiles and giggles, but it is much harder to get it out of her. I say that you really have to earn her smiles, but the boys give their's away for free! When she does laugh it melts your heart and her eyes squint up because her cheeks get in the way.

Katherine started out VERY high maintenance and demanding. I was really worried. At about 2 1/2 to 3 mos old she really mellowed out and has been much more laid back and content. I definitely think her demeanor is going to be more like Shelby. It is going to be fun to see!

I just wish she had hair! What I would do to be able to put a little bow in her hair. I definitely love dressing her up, but refuse to glue a bow to her head! I know I could put the ones in that wrap around her head, but I just envision her brain getting squeezed!

When we found out I was pregnant with two boys and a girl, doctors and nurses always said she would be the first to do everything! Well, they were right! She was the first one to start eating on her own, she came home first, she was the first one to hold her head up...she is also our "equipment tester" as Dad calls her. I am sure she will take the lead on crawling, walking, potty training, riding a two wheeler, will be interesting to see if there is some competition there.
Katherine has also been our best sleeper! We can put her down wide awake and she will just look at and talk to her bumpers until she falls asleep. She is usually the first to wake up in the morning though, but she just talks and wiggles around until we get her. If she wakes up too early and starts fussing, we will put her in our bed and turn on the Today show. She is happy as can be watching that as we get ready for work and wait until her 8 am feeding time! It is funny to watch her enjoying Matt and Meredith's news reports!
As I love all 3, it is definitely fun having a girl as a mom. I am excited to do mother/daughter things with her and hope we don't clash too bad when she becomes a teenager! :)
I will post about each of the boys soon....have a good weekend!
Love, Jennifer and Shelby