Wednesday, September 9, 2009

We have Three 4 Up WOGS!

So it is just a family joke since we are in the chicken business. A WOG is a whole chicken (without giblets) and they are classified by weight. My dad keeps saying I am having Three 4 up WOGS and I am welcome to take some home from the plant to practice diapering and such. :) NO THANKS!

Anyway, on Wednesday I went to my high risk doctor and everything looked great. The babies all weighed over 4 lbs and looked good. I seem to be hanging in there too, although I told him I though 9/9/09 would be a pretty cool birth date. He looked at me like I had two heads and said, "but that is TODAY???" I guess that is a NO? He really wants me to get to 34 weeks and then he is going to be pretty much over me. At this point even if I went into labor they would not try and stop it. He just said with two more weeks it could really help with any breathing or feeding issues. OK, I guess I am in! I am really trying to hang in there, but "it is just hard and I do not like doing things that are hard!" (That is a direct quote from my sister!) I now start seeing my high risk doctor every week to make sure no one goes into distress, if so, they will do an immediate C-section. Now that they are getting big they don't want them to run out of room!

I go back to my regular doctor on Monday, I will post any updates then. As for now, I am SOOOO happy it is Football season! Lots more to watch on the weekend. Although, I have the ONLY husband in the world that does not like sports. Doesn't he realize that other guys would kill for a girl like me? So, GO CATS and GEAUX TIGERS!


Jen and Shelby


  1. yea! so glad you are hanging in there! i went to the dr on wednesday and got my flu shot then! so, i am good to hold the babies when they get here!! can't wait!!

  2. All good news, can't wait to hear more on Monday. And you have forgotten about Matt - he does not like sports either:) Enjoy football season!