Wednesday, September 2, 2009

....and released!!!

I get to go home! They checked me all out today and everything is stable even with a slight improvement with my cervix. Good stuff! I am 31 weeks tomorrow which is huge....they are happy with the growth of the babies and how I am holding up...considering it is 3 babies and all. We will all breath a sigh of relief at 32 weeks and at 34 if I cry hard enough they may take them out. I will just have to see just how miserable I am. I know the longer the better, but this is tough! I did get two rounds of steroids to help with the lungs in case they surprise us all and change our time line plans. The steroids should last a couple weeks so that makes us all feel better. They will measure them again on Wednesday so I will have a better idea of their estimated weight. So good reports all around! I have to say my stay here at Medical City was great!!! The staff here is great and the food isn't so bad. If any of you out there end up in my shoes, not such a bad gig. I just wish Sammie could come with me and they would have to drag me out of here kicking and screaming!!!

Thanks so much for all the e-mails, prayers, calls and visits. Will update after my appointment Wednesday or earlier if anything unexpected happens. HAPPY LABOR DAY!

Jen and Shelby

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  1. Yeah Jenn, that's great news! Sammie will be most pleased