Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Visiting the Arboretum with the Pumpkins!

Campbell before he noticed the pumpkins....

Campbell after he noticed the pumpkins...he HATED them!!!

See, I told you, Campbell is in the middle...trying to get away from the pumpkins!

Princess Katherine in the Cinderella pumpkin house!

The whole family!

Climbing on Nana!

Christian on the other hand LOVED the pumpkins....

So we did what every Dallas family does in the fall, we went to the Arboretum! We dressed the babies up in cute fall colors and had a picnic. Then we went over to the pumpkin area where they literally had 1,000's of pumpkins! They even had pumpkin houses, it was so neat! It was just soooo hot, so that made us all a little cranky towared the end. Then we quickly discovered that Campbell was TERRIFIED of pumpkins! He would scream if one got near him! I am not sure what implanted this fear of round orange things in his head? I swear we have never thrown pumpkins at him or anything? We had to sneak pumpkins behind him or beside him when he was not looking to get a quick shot. It was kind of funny I must admit. Katherine and Christian however loved them! Christian was banging on a pumpkin for about 10 minutes cracking himself up. I think secretly he was taunting Campbell in his own little baby way.

Happy Fall Y'all!

Jennifer & Shelby


Well, we were one two months ago, but whatever! I am behind! UGH!

Left to Right: Christian, Katherine and Campbell

L to R: Campbell, Katherine and Christian
L to R: Campbell, Katherine and Christian
Katherine and Dad

Campbell and Katherine

We can't believe we have three 1 year old's! The first year FLEW by! It was way easier than we anticipated, we are so lucky to have 3 good babies. As of one year they were all crawling everywhere at the speed of light and Katherine and Campbell were pulling up. No walkers yet, but I know we will not be able to say that much longer! Christian is now pulling up and Katherine is taking 4-6 steps at a time, yikes! Their little personalities are coming out every day and they are into everything!!! Luckily we have them "caged in" the family room and kitchen so their path of destruction is fairly limited.

They are all very happy, the boys especially smile and laugh constantly. Katherine is much more serious and is quite a trouble maker. She is always pestering the boys by taking their toys, pushing them over, etc....ugh. She is the boss for sure!!! They babble a lot and say mama, dada and recently Katherine and Campbell started UH OH! I love it, they even use it in the right context. They can all clap and make the Touchdown signal! Guess who taught them that??? We are working on perfecting our peek-a-boo and blowing kisses. It is fun yet dangerous that they are mocking us.

I will post Halloween pics in a few days...trying to catch up on the blog!!!

Jennifer & Shelby