Friday, December 17, 2010


So the Triplets met Santa twice, I thought it would get better the second time....but as you can see it just got progressively worse. I am pretty sure they will be scarred for life...

Better luck next year?
Merry Christmas everyone!
Jennifer & Shelby

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Visiting the Arboretum with the Pumpkins!

Campbell before he noticed the pumpkins....

Campbell after he noticed the pumpkins...he HATED them!!!

See, I told you, Campbell is in the middle...trying to get away from the pumpkins!

Princess Katherine in the Cinderella pumpkin house!

The whole family!

Climbing on Nana!

Christian on the other hand LOVED the pumpkins....

So we did what every Dallas family does in the fall, we went to the Arboretum! We dressed the babies up in cute fall colors and had a picnic. Then we went over to the pumpkin area where they literally had 1,000's of pumpkins! They even had pumpkin houses, it was so neat! It was just soooo hot, so that made us all a little cranky towared the end. Then we quickly discovered that Campbell was TERRIFIED of pumpkins! He would scream if one got near him! I am not sure what implanted this fear of round orange things in his head? I swear we have never thrown pumpkins at him or anything? We had to sneak pumpkins behind him or beside him when he was not looking to get a quick shot. It was kind of funny I must admit. Katherine and Christian however loved them! Christian was banging on a pumpkin for about 10 minutes cracking himself up. I think secretly he was taunting Campbell in his own little baby way.

Happy Fall Y'all!

Jennifer & Shelby


Well, we were one two months ago, but whatever! I am behind! UGH!

Left to Right: Christian, Katherine and Campbell

L to R: Campbell, Katherine and Christian
L to R: Campbell, Katherine and Christian
Katherine and Dad

Campbell and Katherine

We can't believe we have three 1 year old's! The first year FLEW by! It was way easier than we anticipated, we are so lucky to have 3 good babies. As of one year they were all crawling everywhere at the speed of light and Katherine and Campbell were pulling up. No walkers yet, but I know we will not be able to say that much longer! Christian is now pulling up and Katherine is taking 4-6 steps at a time, yikes! Their little personalities are coming out every day and they are into everything!!! Luckily we have them "caged in" the family room and kitchen so their path of destruction is fairly limited.

They are all very happy, the boys especially smile and laugh constantly. Katherine is much more serious and is quite a trouble maker. She is always pestering the boys by taking their toys, pushing them over, etc....ugh. She is the boss for sure!!! They babble a lot and say mama, dada and recently Katherine and Campbell started UH OH! I love it, they even use it in the right context. They can all clap and make the Touchdown signal! Guess who taught them that??? We are working on perfecting our peek-a-boo and blowing kisses. It is fun yet dangerous that they are mocking us.

I will post Halloween pics in a few days...trying to catch up on the blog!!!

Jennifer & Shelby

Monday, August 30, 2010

Almost 1 year!

Christian - 11 months

Katherine Standing up - 11 months!

Campbell, very busy! 11 months

How we roll at the pool, notice they are tied together! Hanging with buddy Kaitlyn!

I cannot believe we are at 11 months old! This (almost) year has FLOWN by! So much has gone on these past few months, here is a quick recap.

Campbell has gone from army crawling, to crawling to pulling up! He pulls up on everything. I think he is still 6-8 weeks away from walking as he can be chicken at times. He loves playing in tupperware (what is the deal with babies and tupperware?), he would fight any of his siblings for the remote and or cell phone and he absolutely cannot sleep without his lovey! He can feed himself and is the most skilled when it come to holding his own bottle and training on the sippy cup! Campbell now has 5 teeth, he has bit himself once that I know of. No blood drawn yet, but that day will come I am sure!

Katherine has also gone from army crawling, to crawling and pulling up. I expect her to take a few steps while holding onto something any day now! I have thought for sure she was about to do it several times now, but then she had second thoughts and just sat down. Katherine is obsessed with remote controls and cell phones as well. She also loves to grab Sammie's food and water when we are not quick enough to get it out of the way! She can feed herself and loves to dig the dropped foods out of the lip of her bib once her tray is clear. Hilarious! If you try and feed her something she will take it out of her hand and feed herself. K has 4 teeth and has bit her mama a couple times. I raised my voice at her and she stuck her lip out and dropped some serous crocodile tears, she's got it down! She makes the funnies faces by far...I will post some!

Christian went straight to crawling, no army crawling for him. He crawled awhile after the other two, but I think he wanted to do it right or not at all! I am not sure if he did not want to drag his tummy or what? He has not pulled up yet, but he has been up on his knees playing with his toys lately. That is what the other two did right before pulling up so I think he is not far behind. Christian has 5 teeth as well and they have all been good sports about teething! Lil C does NOT feed himself and I think he is doing it on purpose. Even if we hand his bottle to him he just drops him arms out to the side and screams until we hold it for him. I am letting this slide for now as he had a rough start to life.
The three of them are fun to watch. They follow each other around and Campbell and Katherine race down the hallway giggling when we leave the gate open. They all talk to each other when they wake up in the morning and after naps. This is nice as they keep each other entertained if we are not quite ready to get them up! The boys just had their first haircut a couple weeks ago, yes mama cried. They look like little boys now...not babies! :(

We also travelled with all 3 to Montana for my sister's wedding...we were gone over a week! They did very well on the flight and being in a stange environment, I could not have asked for 3 better babies!

Hope all is welll with everyone!

Jennifer & Shelby

Monday, June 21, 2010

We are Baptized now!

Here are the babies with their Godparents, Annette and Jimmy!
(From Left to Right: Christian, Campbell and Katherine)

In this pic I think Annette and Jimmy are wondering what they got themselves into! HA HA!

Here we are with Shelby's mom and big sis Justice!

I swear they all love Justice, I think we were losing them at this point.
(Left to Right: Campbell, Christian, Katherine)

My parents with the Babes! This pic cracks me up, you can kind of feel the chaos coming through can't you?
(Left to Right: Christian, Katherine and Campbell)

A pic of the fabulous trio, we can all sit up now so pics are more fun!
(From left to right: Christian, Katherine and Campbell)

We are having fun, they turn 9 months on Thursday, I can't believe it!
Jennifer and Shelby

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Recent Pics!

Campbell Joseph

Katherine Emma

Christian Michael

The Trio!
We recently had a photo session at Lakeside Park. She is a new photographer so she was giving a really good rate to practice! These are a few of our favorites. The babies are 8 months old! I can't believe it!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Christian Michael


I'm Turtley Awesome!

First time in the snow...I LOVE IT!

Reading...he is brilliant!

Focused on exersaucing!

My little sweet pea!

Having a ball in the lounge chair!

Jumping in the Jumparoo!

Hangin' with his monkey in the hospital!

Getting Ready for Valentines' Day!

Look at my cool hat!

Having a ball in the exersaucer!

Hanging out in the Bumpo

Sleepy Christian

FINALLY! It has been awhile, I know...needless to say it is crazy around here!

Baby C, Lil C, about as precious as they come. He is the most laid back and even tempered of them all. He is a typical youngest child I think. As he has his moments, he is the most patient. Poor thing, because of his patience he is pretty much always the last to do, bathe, get changed....

Christian has this smile that can make even the worst day all right again! His entire face smiles, even his eyes have a glimmer! You can pretty much make him smile just by looking at him, he is a pretty happy baby. When he giggles out load it pretty much melts your heart! Poor little thing has been through so much in his short little life, I think he is going to be the toughest by far. Even when we go to the doctor for their shots, he cries the least by far! It's like he is telling the other two..."you think this is bad, you have NO idea!!!!!"
Hope everyone is well, we can't believe how fast this little trio is growing!
Jennifer and Shelby