Sunday, August 2, 2009

Stir Crazy!

So I am getting a little stir crazy! I just try to remind myself that this is still better than being at the hospital! This week several people dropped by to visit, so that has been helpful. They have all been armed with goodies of some sort...Mexican food, cookies, ice cream or books and magazines! I am very thankful for the company, it definitely helps pass the time and helps keep me from going crazy! Of course my bed rest is timed with Shelby's busiest time at work! He gets home as soon as he can, but he has had to work all weekend and late every night. :( Mr. Sammie has been a great bed rest buddy though, he is taking this VERY seriously.

This week we took the plunge and got our "kid car"! No, we did not get a minivan, I am just not ready to take that plunge...we got a GMC Acadia! We love it! I decided our coolness factor is already going to take a big hit with these kiddos, taking the ultimate parent plunge into minivan land was too much for me! :) I am quite sure it is in our future at some point though!

Not much to report on the babies right now. They are moving like crazy, I can tell you that much! I go back to the doctor on Wednesday, so I will have an update then.

This week my goal is to add pics to my blog, I need to make it a little less boring???
Have a good week!

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