Thursday, July 30, 2009

High Risk Doctor Day

Today I had a doctor appointment and everything looked great! I am holding up, thank goodness, I guess bed rest is working! They measured the babies and estimated their weights:

Baby A - Campbell Joseph is about 2 lbs 8 oz
Baby B - Christian Michael is about 2 lbs 2 oz
Baby C - Katherine Emma is about 2 lbs 3 oz

I hope I remembered these right, I don't want to be a horrible mom already?

Knowing I am still stable after a week on bed rest makes me feel much better. I am glad all the sitting around has been worth it. I would have been devastated if I got worse after all of this miserable laying around! Yes, laying around is misery! Laying on the couch because you want to vs. because you have to is two totally different things!!!

26 weeks and counting!!!


  1. I am so glad to hear things are going better. Yall are in my thoughts and prayers. Please let me know if their is anything you need. If you have a chance and look at my blog you can get Shelley and Jolie's addresses as well. Hang in there it will all be worth it in the end.

  2. I posted it on your Facebook but the babies called me...they said they love bedrest!!! You're not missing anything exciting at work.
    Although Amy brought baby Gabby up to visit. She sooo cute and tiny...and to think, yours will be even more tiny!!!

    I'm glad to hear that the doc says everyone is doing fine. Bedrest sucks but a necessary evil at this point.

    They'll be great and here before you know it and be pulling your hair out wishing all you could do was lay

    Let me know if you need anything. Your department is doing fine and I'm checking in with the girls to make sure they don't need anything either.

    I wonder if you'll get cankles now that you're not up and around.... :-p