Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby Doctor Day

Well, today I went to the doctor, it is always a treat getting out of the house! Anyway, everything is fine and staying stable, each baby is weighing about 3 lbs and growing right on track! If I have 9 lbs of baby, why have I gained 40??? UGH! The doctor did decide to have a pump put into my stomach so I can receive some medicine that will keep me from having contractions. I have not felt any, but it is more of a precaution. Some medical group is going to come in and "install" it. EWWWW. As this may not sound like a huge deal, for those of you that know how squeamish I am, knows this is a VERY big deal! Just his description of it made me a bit light headed. I know it is just a tiny needle, but still, IT IS A NEEDLE! I can't stand shots, getting blood drawn, heck I can't even HEAR about people's injuries without getting light headed. How am I supposed to carry this thing around when it is connected to my tummy. YUCK! Oh well, I guess anything to keep these babies in longer. This will be the one of MANY sacrifices that I am going to make over their lifetime! Tomorrow I am 29 weeks so I am getting closer. I will be so happy to get to 30 weeks, I feel like I have been in the 20's for a year!


  1. I'm a medical wimp too. You are being so brave!!

  2. Hope that installing the pump goes well! I'm so glad to hear that you are almost 30 weeks AND still home! Keep up the good work, little Mama!!