Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Campbell is home!!!

We are so excited to have 2 of 3 home! Campbell came home on 10/22 and he has been so good. (The pic above is from the hospital, need to download my new pics!) Two is really not much harder than one since I can feed them both at the same time. Adding the 3rd is going to be a challenge, although we cannot wait to get Christian home!!! Maybe I can figure out how to grow an extra set of hands before then. I really am so lucky, Campbell and Katherine are such good babies. They just eat and go right to sleep, Campbell has been in his own bed since night #1! When I put them down they just grunt back and forth for a bit, like "I am over here!" It is cute. Even when they are awake they are just content with looking around. Sammie has been good. When they do cry to eat he is so anxious to see what the problem is and give them kisses.

Christian is still at the NICU, he is progressing, but slowly. They just have to constantly remind me that he should not even be born yet! They have said the Christian is actually "normal', they other 2 are just ahead of the game. They have started putting a "thickener" in his milk to see if that helps. They said sometimes the milk goes down too quick and it is scary to them so this will help slow it down. We will see!

Jennifer and Shelby

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  1. You are a supermom! Glad everyone is doing so well! Thinking about you.