Monday, October 19, 2009

I know, I am so bad at this...

(I just love these little Duckie outfits, had to post this pic!)
I haven't posted in forever, 2 weeks to be exact. So sorry! Life is so crazy! Here is a quick run down of what has been going no particular order.
1. Aunt Sarah came in from Montana to visit, we hung out at the hospital all day with the Trio! It was love at first sight, but who can't love these little babes?
2. Katherine came home on 10/15!!! Let the sleepless nights begin!
3. I learned Katherine does not like being by herself, I knew that co-bedding would come back to bite me.
4. Justice, the trio's half sister, came in and met Katherine! Since you have to be 18 to go into the NICU she was not able to meet the boys...but hopefully soon!
5. Sammie LOVES Katherine. He lays next to her, sniffs her and gives her kisses when he can sneak by me.
6. Katherine had her first trip to the pediatrician on 10/19. She isn't supposed to be born yet and she is already in the 5th percentile! I had some BIG babies!
7. Campbell will likely be home Wednesday or Thursday!
8. Not sure about Christian, he is still struggling a bit. They found some fluid on his lungs, I hope once they get rid of that he will progress quickly to join everyone else. It is going to absolutely kill me to have him at the hospital all by himself! :( Pray for him!!!
9. Katherine was home to help celebrate my Dad's birthday, that was special. Having babies helps you to save money on gifts, all you have to do is let them hold your baby and all is forgiven!!!
10. I had my 2 week follow up appointment and got my driver's license back...woo hoo! I also lost 48 lbs in 2 weeks, even better!!!
11. I got so much cool stuff for all my showers, but never took the time to learn how they "operate"! I had to use the hospital bottles for the first 48 hours Katherine was home since I never learned to use my Dr Brown bottles! I also had to call Shelby so he could explain to me over the phone how to get the car seat off the base. Learn this BEFORE your baby comes!!!
12. I have the greatest family and friends. Everyone has been so helpful by bringing dinners, checking on us and helping us while we have kids in two locations! Can't wait to have everyone under one roof!!!

Well, that is the past 2 weeks in a nutshell!!

Jen and Shelby

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