Sunday, October 4, 2009

10.4.09 Update on the Trips!

Hello! Sorry I have not posted more often. I have been spending as much time at the NICU as I can and I am typically wiped out when I get home! As I recover more I think this will change. I do feel better each day, but being on bed rest for 9 weeks did not help either. I am so weak and have NO endurance! I was running 12-15 miles a week when I got pregnant, now I am thrilled when I walk all the way to the NICU and NOT have to take a wheel chair! It's the small victories.

As far as the babies go, they are doing better each day. All 3 are now above their birth weights, the largest one (Campbell) is still just under 5.5 lbs. They look so big to me, but then I see a "normal" new born and they look tiny again! All 3 are being given 2 of the 8 feedings by bottle. They eat as much as they can then they put the rest in the feeding tube if needed. As with their mama, they are just building up their strength and endurance to take all 8 feedings from the bottle! They were actually moved up to the 7th floor this week. The NICU got full and they were in the best shape of all the babies so they got promoted! I am thrilled with every step they make as I am anxious to get them home. I know I should be enjoying this time and resting up, but I can't explain how it pains me to leave them behind each day I leave the NICU. I know they are watched around the clock, but it is not by me and I can't stand that.

They really are starting to develop little personalities. They are more alert close to their feeding time. I think Campbell is going to be the "tough guy" and Katherine seems to be really laid back and content with life. Christian is definitely going to be the "baby" of the family. He certainly acts like the youngest! Today we got a good laugh because Katherine was so hungry she was trying to suck on everything that came near her. This included Christian's blanket, his fingers, her sleeve and her blanket....Christian tried to suck on her head later so he paid her back. Campbell got his thumb in his mouth briefly, I guess we will see if he gets that coordination down.

Well, that is about all to report at this time! Nothing too exciting, except they get cuter each and every day!

Thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers!


Jennifer and Shelby


  1. Jen, you look great! (Enjoy your time for hair and make-up, that's the first to go when they come home - LOL!). Seeing you holding the 3 of them in that nursing chair brings back such memories...minus one of course. I have that exact same picture with the two of mine...and it seems like just yesterday. Just treasure every precious minute. It's so comforting to hear that you and the babies are doing so well...give them all a big kiss for me, all the way from The Sunshine State.

  2. I love the pic of you with the three babies! Priceless. Thinking about you and your family often. ooshauna