Thursday, November 5, 2009


As of this Monday, November 2nd, the Trio was reunited! Christian was the last to come home and we are all thrilled! He still has some "stuff" to deal with, but he will be fine. He has a heart murmur, which they call a PDA...I am not a medical person so don't ask me what that stands for...something long and complicated. This causes fluid to build up on his lungs, which makes his breathing rapid which makes him wear out fast and unable to take all of his meals on the bottle. He came home on a feeding tube so half of his feedings are given through it when he is tired. He is on medication to help drain the fluid and we have noticed a big improvement in his ability to bottle feed, but not enough for him to grow. We follow up with the cardiologist in two weeks and will go from there. A possible surgery is in his future, but we are hoping the murmur closes on it's own. So pray for him!

Today was my due date, crazy! They are all getting so big, I could not imagine if they were still in my tummy....I would have been big enough to cover two zip codes! HA HA! I am just so happy they are all home and doing great. They are all good babies over all so I can't complain. It is crazy and tiring when they are all hungry at the same time, but we deal with it!!!

Hope everyone is doing great!

Jen and Shelby

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  1. They are so stinkin' cute Jen! I have got to come over and hold them! Maybe next week on MW or F (when the girls are both in school). I will call you!! Congrats on 3 adorable babies!!!