Thursday, December 3, 2009

Two month photos with their bears!

So I have been harassed about not updating my blog...sorry! Here are some reasons why!

Daily Checklist:
21 bottles feeding AND cleaning
77+ oz of formula
21-24 diapers
6-9 outfits
9-12 bibs
9-12 burp cloths
3-6 blankets
1-2 loads of laundry
4-6 hours of sleep for mama

But endless amounts of cuteness!!! It makes it all worth it.

Everyone is doing great. They are starting to be more alert and seem to be recognizing their mama! My sister came in for Thanksgiving and ate up all of their sweetness! She was a big help with feeding and holding them, it was lots of fun. They had a great first Thanksgiving and look forward to participating in all of the fun eating next year!

My mom heads back to work on Monday after 4 weeks off. :( She was a HUGE help and I will miss her dearly!

Oh the pics go Katherine, Christian and Campbell from top to bottom!

Jennifer and Shelby

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