Monday, June 21, 2010

We are Baptized now!

Here are the babies with their Godparents, Annette and Jimmy!
(From Left to Right: Christian, Campbell and Katherine)

In this pic I think Annette and Jimmy are wondering what they got themselves into! HA HA!

Here we are with Shelby's mom and big sis Justice!

I swear they all love Justice, I think we were losing them at this point.
(Left to Right: Campbell, Christian, Katherine)

My parents with the Babes! This pic cracks me up, you can kind of feel the chaos coming through can't you?
(Left to Right: Christian, Katherine and Campbell)

A pic of the fabulous trio, we can all sit up now so pics are more fun!
(From left to right: Christian, Katherine and Campbell)

We are having fun, they turn 9 months on Thursday, I can't believe it!
Jennifer and Shelby

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