Friday, January 22, 2010

Growing Triplets!

Katherine holding her Blah-Blah from the Hayden's!

Campbell and Katherine reading "Cat and the Hat", they were taking turns reading aloud, they are brilliant!

Campbell after bouncing himself to sleep in the Jumparoo!

This is when we celebrated Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve on 12/31/09. Since Christian was in the hospital from 12/22-12/29 we just postponed our Christmas celebration so we could all be together.

In this photo it is like Christian is laughing at Campbell and Katherine's ridiculous hats!

Flash forward....Now Christian is bummed that he too has a ridiculous hat on now.

Campbell prior to falling asleep, he loves the jumparoo!

Christian and Campbell playing together nicely!

Triplet Stroller, HA HA!! What a sight!

Christian in his Bumpo!!!

We just wanted to update everyone on the triplets! Everyone is doing good, including Christian. He is getting bigger all the time, but not quite at the rate Katherine and Campbell did! I think his poor little tummy shrunk while in the hospital so he cannot eat quite as much at one time.

Campbell is probably around 14 lbs now and seems to be close to busting out some teeth! :( I am so sad, I just love that gummy little grin of his. He is a very happy baby and only cries if he is hungry or tired. Only problem is he cries like he has never been fed before, once that bottle goes in his mouth it is instance silence though! If he is crying because he is tired he just needs to be "roped in" to help go to sleep. Either rocking him or bouncing him helps. He has this little jumper that he loves and often bounces himself to sleep sitting up....hilarious!

Katherine is around 13 lbs now and is a much more serious baby than the other two. She is definitely a "studier." She is constantly looking around at all things going on around her, sheis a busy bee. She has rolled over a couple times and has even grabbed at some things. She is a happy baby as well, you just really have to earn a smile from here....but it is precious! She is just too busy for any fooling around. The hardest thing with Katherine is she loves to move! The swing is perfect for her if we can't hold her right then or take them on a walk.

Christian is smaller at around 10 lbs and much like his identical twin Campbell, he has this huge gummy grin that will melt your heart. He is a little bit more demanding for attention right now, but I think his heart issues has him a step or two behind the other two. I think he will be a little more content with time. Both boys are almost bald now, I am anxious to see what color their hair turns out to be and what color their eyes are! Right now it is looking like blue for the boys and brown for Katherine.

All three seem to be noticing each other more, they have even had some babbling conversations with each other and some staring contests. It is fun so see them interact! It will be so fun when they are playing together. All are happy on full tummies and when they first wake up. Waking them up at 8 am is my absolute favorite, it is like they are so excited to see me! They also all love taking walks! We have so many stroller combos we are like a stoller dealership! We definitely get lots of stares with the triple stoller!

As far as sleeping they are doing great. Katherine and Campbell sleep from 8-8 with 2-3 naps a day. Christian just still takes an 11 pm feeding right now, but is slowly weening off that so I expect him to be on the other schedule soon with the bigger two.

I just went back to work 2 weeks ago and am working 9-3. It seems to be working great so far. We have a nanny, Priscilla, four days a week and my mom keeps them one day. After working it is so great to come home to clean bottles and their laundry done. It is also nice not having to get them up and ready to take them anywhere. I swear it would be noon before I got to work if that was the case!!! Sammie is also thrilled with the situation, he loves that he spends very little time in his kennel now!

To be honest having triplets has not been bad, I had prepared myself for FAR worse! We have been blessed with three good babies and a Kick A** night nanny. Without her I swear I would be singing a different tune. She has really helped get us on a disciplined eating and sleeping schedule as well as teaching me the tricks to set up an ideal sleeping environment. All of her guidance is what has them sleeping through the night, which they have been doing for over a month now! Even before that they were sleeping from 11-8 for several weeks! Who can complain about that?

Well, I hope that is a good update for now.


Jennifer and Shelby

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